Pine Grove Spiritual Grounds

The Pine Grove Spiritual Grounds project will provide sculptures, a chapel, a labyrinth, a fire circle and a bell tower to the campus of Pine Grove.

Pine Grove Spiritual Grounds is a project of the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation and Pine Grove’s Giving Back Initiative. It includes the Paul W. McMullan Plaza which serves as the entrance to the grounds and includes the Circle of Healing sculpture. The meditation garden is also part of the Spiritual Grounds and is used by patients for quiet contemplation.

In May 2018 we dedicated the labyrinth and fire circle as part of the next phase of the project. The labyrinth helps patients focus on a defined goal, like recovery by offering a set path with a clear destination. The fire circle provides patients with a means to spiritually discard past transgressions and make healthy resolutions.

Future elements include a glass chapel, bell towers, and a water feature.

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